Pie Inspector

Scenes from The Pie Inspector with Elle P playing the Inspector whose job it is to make sure the pies are up to scratch and that they are British Pies and not American.

Once the pies get checked out – Elle gets pied!

Lauren Down Trash Can Alley

Now available on our B2BM store is the saga of party girl Lauren who after a night out decides to take a short cut home through Trash Can Alley and is met with a face full of flying spaghetti and mushy peas which is enough to sober anyone up.

Lauren though is a spirited young lady and her ‘bring it on attitude’ never wavers as beans, ravioli, sauerkraut, onions and tomato ketchup fly in her direction leaving Lauren and her little black dress looking decidedly worse for wear. Despite all this Lauren concludes that it was not a bad way to round off a good night out!

You can get this film and others featuring Tigerr Benson, Fi Stevens, Elle P and others on our B2BM Video Store

Lauren Down Trash Can Alley

Perfect Schoolgirls Sploshed

Perfect schoolgirls Charley Atwell and Danielle Maye continue in their quest to be a little less ‘uptight’ on Bound2bMessy.com

Having torn and splattered their uniforms in Part One the two girls decide to completely rip them off each other and then get down to some serious sploshing with Charley smacking a cheesecake or two into Danielle’s face and both girls on the receiving end of gunge, custard, beans and spaghetti. A final covering of oat flakes completes the trashed look. Miss T checks out both girls and decides whether Charley or Danielle will win the one remaining clean shirt to wear.

So who will emerge with the accolade of ‘least perfect schoolgirl’ and who shows herself to be a bad loser. Find out in the final part of Perfect Students

Party Pies 2

The sequel to Party Pies on Bound2bMessy is here at last with Jess West being reluctantly dragged back to the Cake & Pies Shop – motto ‘Done to a T’ – by Axa Jay so that Jess can get her money back.  Unfortunately for Jess there is some dispute as to whether Jess had actually paid in the first place and even more unfortunately for both Jess and Axa, Miss T had just baked a fresh batch of creamy pies and its not long before Jess finds one in her face much to Axa’s horror and amusement.

Jess blames Axa for bringing her back to this ‘horrible shop with this horrible woman’ whilst Axa is annoyed that her dress is now covered in pie filling. Jess promptly rips Axa’s dress and the two start trading pies and insults before Miss T weighs in with a comment about ‘cheap girls in cheap dresses’ and then pies Axa.

Both girls then turn on each other before deciding to patch things up and leave Miss T with all the mess and some choice words ringing in her ears.

Party Pies II

Perfect Schoolgirls

There is such a thing as being ‘too perfect’ and in the latest Bound2bMessy film this certainly applies to our two busty schoolgirls Danielle Maye and Charley Atwell.

Now at the GungeWell Academy for girls that will never do so our two perfect schoolgirls are instructed to lighten up and show their fun side and what better way to do this then in a pool of gunge with eggs, cakes and assorted foodstuffs from the canteen to help loosen the inhibitions. And if this isn’t enough the girls are also encouraged to rip each others school jumpers and blouses which will certainly ‘loosen’ them up!

Perfect Students

Splosh Game with Fi Stevens


Our new splosh game Dice with Fate is now up on B2BM starring Fi Stevens with her messy fate resting on the roll of the dice

Fi is dressed in a Hooters t-shirt, shiny shorts, knee high white socks and plimsolls and its the the roll of the dice which will determine Fi`s messy fate. So will it be gunge, beans, porridge or a pie to the face? The dice will reveal all :)

Dice with Fate

WPC’s Sploshed & Trashed


For a bedraggled WPC Jess West revenge is a dish best served cold…or hot in the case of the beans and spaghetti but revenge is definitely what Jess is after…and talking of beans they are first into WPC Jones hat which is squashed onto Kiera’s head despite her protests given she had been promised a splosh free afternoon! :)

…to read more click the link

WPC West & Jones

Messy Sploshing Game Show

B2BM Video Vault

Previously only available in SD we have now released this epic contest of wit and cunning in HD (plus a remastered SD option) with everyones favourite Sammie B and sweet Ashlea as our two lovely contestents in our messy, sploshing game show.

Rules are simple. Get the question right and you have the chance to splosh your opponent with anything from gunge to rice pudding with freezing cold yoghurt, beans, spaghetti and the odd pie or two along the way.

Will the fiesty Sammie prove too much for sweet Ashlea or will this experience reveal a hidden nasty streak in her and just what is that yukky stuff that just clings to the girls?

Tune in and find out in The Really Nasty GameShow

Party Pies


Pies at a party. What more could you ask for? Well as far as Jess West is concerned getting the pies right would be a start!

Jess’s damning verdict ‘wrong colour and taste funny’ does not go down well with me and what follows is a battle of wills and lots of pies heading straight at Jess as she refuses to pay for the ‘shoddy pies’

So will I get the money I am owed or will Jess decide a face full of pie is a small price to pay!

Party Pies