Gunged Jess has a Plan

Its SploshAGirl time and Jess West has a plan – after being covered in custard she’s had enough, its her turn… she’s going to gather up all the buckets then she wont get gunged…. Does it work? … see for yourself…

If you would like to get messy with Jess West then visit SploshAGirl.

If you would like to see more of the gorgeous Jess, inc videos of her gunged, pied and naked then visit Messy Angel.

Fi Dreams of Slime

Fi Stevens daydreams of being bound and covered in slime…

And on Bound2bMessy we love to make a pretty girl’s dream come true so with her panties stuffed in her mouth Fi finds herself at the mercy of Miss T who taunts and covers our ‘struggling victim’ in yellow and green gunge. Fi protests as her denim skirt is hitched up and slime is poured over her round, naked bum. With her hands tied Fi is unable to prevent her breasts being exposed and is powerless to resist as Miss T scoops up slime and ‘slaps it’ onto Fi’s nude body.

Exhausted Fi stops protesting. Her bonds are released and our sexy redhead admits to enjoying the gooey gunge. This after all is Fi’s secret fantasy. Her guilty desire to be tied and gunged.

Fi Dreams of Slime

Mouse – SploshAGirl

Our latest SploshAGirl session was with Mouse. I grabbed a few moments with her as she cleaned up…

As everyone knows Mouse is an experienced splosher. She has been getting messy for years. Today she was covered in chocolate, custard, golden syrup and lots of gunge.

What you may not realise is just how interested in gardening she is!! …. yup, Mouse really is one of a kind. To get messy with Mouse check out her profile on


Classic Messy Angel Downloads

The Messy Angel Classic store has some great treats lined up for you as we bring not only you some of the very first videos to make their appearance on Messy Angel but some of Miss T’s all time faves from Breakfast at Angel’s to Rock Chick and Gooey Nurse Abbi.

So have a look around and check out if your fave film has made it onto the store  – and if it hasn’t keep checking back for further releases 🙂


Pie Inspector

Scenes from The Pie Inspector with Elle P playing the Inspector whose job it is to make sure the pies are up to scratch and that they are British Pies and not American.

Once the pies get checked out – Elle gets pied!

Sploshing Misadventure!

Jess West is enjoying a hot sploshing session at the WAM Motel when she is rudely interrupted by Pippa who seems to think this is her room and is not impressed to find Jess still in it. An argument breaks out and Pippa finds herself pushed onto a bed of cold custard whereupon Jess takes charge and gives Pippa a sploshing lesson!

The Wrong Room